Family Membership Packages and Prices

Family Membership Packages:

Family with 1 Child $320
Family with 2 Children $385
Family with 3 or more Children $445
  • Family Membership packages include up to 2 parents/guardians and children under 19 (as at 30 September 2021)
  • All parents/guardians who volunteer for the club must be members
  • Children under 14 (as at 30 September 2021) must join with at least 1 parent/guardian

Individual Membership Categories and Prices

Cadet (13-15 years) $210
Active Junior (15-18 years) $210
Active Senior (18+ years) $220
Active Reserve $220
Long Service $220
Associate $220

Existing members will receive your renewal membership details via email. Please click on the link in the email you receive to view and check the details are correct. Each member will receive their own email so you may receive multiple emails each with 1 person’s details.

Please renew membership online through the SLSA Members Area portal: SLS Members Area - Login

If you are a member of a family with multiple renewals to submit, it is much easier to do this  if you create a family group within the SLSA Members Area portal before renewing (instructions below).



Creating an SLS Members Area Account


If you do not already have a Members Area account you can create one via the SLS Members Portal, click here to create one SLS Members Area - Create Account

Enter your details as requested, you will need to use your full name, date of birth, email or mobile listed on your renewal form. To complete the account creation you will need access to the mobile or email address to confirm account creation.

If those details have changed and you no longer have access to the email address or phone number listed on the renewal form, please email us at info@qmslsc.com.au with your new details so we can change those details before you try to create your account.

Forgotten Login


If you have forgotten either your Username or Password, click the reminder link on the login screen SLS Members Area - Forgotten Login.

You will need to authenticate your details using the mobile phone or email listed on your registration renewal form (and have access to those details).  If those details have changed and you no longer have access to the email address and phone number listed on the renewal form, please email us at info@qmslsc.com.au with your new details so we can change those details before you try to retrieve your forgotten username or password.

Creating a Family Group


Log in to the SLSA Members Area portal SLS Members Area - Login

Go to ‘Memberships’ then click ‘Family’

Click 'Create Family Group' and type in a Family Group name eg: Smith Family

NOTE: You (the primary member) are automatically placed in the family group so you only need to add your other family members.

Type in the First Name, Last Name & DOB of a family member that you wish to add to our Family Group, tick the box 'Include Archived Members' and click Search.

NOTE: For privacy reasons, you will need to match exactly each person searched to be able to add them to your Family group. If you are having difficulty finding your family members, contact your club who can assist.

If the system locates your family member they will be displayed in the 'Available Members' on the left-hand side.

Highlight the name and using the > arrow key move them over to the 'Selected Members' on the right-hand side. Repeat as necessary for additional family members.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Submit'.

Refresh your screen and you will now see that your family group has been created.

This application is sent automatically to the club for approval.

Renew Family Membership


Under Action, click ‘Renew Memberships’.

Tick the checkbox located to the left of each member’s name.

NOTE: Check box will not appear against members who are already registered for the selected season or have already submitted an online renewal form.

Tick the box to agree to the SLSA Membership Declaration.

Click ‘Submit’.

Upon submitting your Family Groups membership renewals the system will give the Primary Family Group user the option to update\share data with the family group. If you need to update a family group member's address, phone, email and/or emergency details click on the corresponding checkbox.

Click 'Yes' or 'No'.

Once submitted you will be given the option to make an Online Payment

NOTE: You can pay for the whole family in one payment. The payment will be recorded against the primary member who was logged into the Members Area.


Online Payment Details


CLUB/ORGANISATION: select 'Quinns Mindarie SLSC'

NOTE: After entering the Club an option will appear to view the price list.

TRANSACTION 1: enter the relevant information for membership:

Ensure 'Membership fee' is selected as the transaction type.

In 'Payment Details', type the membership package you are purchasing and the members you are purchasing for eg. Smith family membership 2 adults John Smith, Jane Jones 2 children – Mary Smith-Jones, Peter Adams.

Enter the 'Price' of the membership package.

'Payer’s Details': enter all your details: Name, contact details and email address

Click 'Next'.

Enter your card details (Visa/Mastercard Debit/Credit card) for payment.

Confirm the payment requested.

Payment receipt will be emailed to you.


Join New Member to the Club and add them to a Family Group


Under Action, click 'View/Edit'.

Click 'Join New Person & Add'.

A pop up message will display advising 'You will be directed to Join Surf Life Saving. Are you sure?'.

Click 'OK'.

You will then fill in the fields (first name, DOB etc) of the new member of the family that you wish to join up to the Club and add to your family group.

Complete the pre-filled membership form (if need be), tick the declaration boxes at the bottom of the form and click 'Submit'.

A pending request for ‘new club membership’ and ‘join member to a family group’ will be sent to the club for approval.


Renew Individual Membership


Log in to the SLSA Members Area portal SLS Members Area - Login.

Select 'Memberships' tab and then 'Renewals, Payments & Transfers' to renew your membership.

Select 'Renew' to review and update your personal details and complete the member declaration before submitting your application for renewal.

Once your member renewal application has been submitted, select 'Make a Payment' and then 'Pay Online' to finalise your membership renewal.

Ensure 'Membership fee' is selected as the transaction type and in the payment details field please state your name and membership category (e.g. Joe Bloggs  – Active 18+).


Working with Children Check (WWCC)


If you are over 18 years old and volunteer for the club and your Working with Children details are blank or out of date on the renewal form, please provide your current Working with Children Check number and expiry date via email to info@qmslsc.com.au.

If you do not have a current WWCC card, please collect a form from the club office or the post office and complete it.

The club needs to complete and sign a section of the form – this can be any of the Board members or the Club Administrator.

This can be completed on Registration Day.

Please then take the form to the Post Office for processing.

The fee for WWCC for a volunteer is $11 which will be reimbursed by the club upon sight of the receipt.